How I Turned My Tesla Model Y Into A Remote Office

To Become A True Digital Nomad

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8 min readJul 3, 2023
My Remote Tesla Office

With Remote and hybrid work on the rise, we’ve never had so much freedom in where we choose to work.

And in the past, we’ve typically only worked on our patios or in our local coffee shops, but now, people are opting to work from all kinds of locations, including their Airbnbs and their RVs.

Along those same lines, here’s one additional remote working location that we can add to that list — the cabin of my Tesla Model Y.

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Teslas, and the Model Ys in particular, have gained a lot popularity over the years as one of the most versatile compact SUVs out there. You often see people camping in them, cooking in them, and even living in them full time.

And as a working professional, I’m sometimes on the road and I’ve often wanted the ability to create a space where I can quickly take a call or put together a brief presentation — a place that can replicate the productivity I experience in my home office, anywhere I go. And as…



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