5 Tips To Writing An Incredible Resume — From a Hiring Manager

Tips That All Good Resumes Follow

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In my 18 year corporate career, I’ve been recruited into 4 different Fortune 100 companies. And within those companies, I’ve interviewed for and have been hired into over 10 different positions.

And later on in my career, becoming a hiring manager, I’ve also done my fair share of conducting interviews and selecting candidates to join my team. So as you can imagine, I’ve got quite a bit of experience tailoring my resume to be extremely marketable and also have seen a good deal of well crafted & eye catching resumes in my hiring efforts as well. And over the years, I’ve seen that there are consistently 5 things that all good resumes have.

So, if you’re in the market for a new job — here are the top 5 resume building tips I’ve collected, as an experienced professional and a hiring manager, that may help you land your next interview.

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#1. Tailor Resumes To Each Individual Job Application

Remember, every job posting is meant to be a solution to a problem or a gap, that the hiring team has. Therefore, your resume has to reflect that solution back to the reader — to show that you are a good fit for that position.

Here is one practical way to do this.

WordCloud Generator by MonkeyLearn

First, find a word cloud generator like this one online, then copy and paste the job description into the tool — to determine what the prominent key words are within the posting. This will give you a good idea of what the core focus areas are within the open req.

Then look through your own resume and within your experiences, make sure you tailor your bullet points to highlight your work that has relevance to the prominent key words that you’ve discovered.



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