5 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

Best Side Hustles For College Students

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Best Side Hustles for College Students

If you’re looking for a quick side hustle that’ll will put cash in your pocket as soon as possible, here are 5 side hustles that pay weekly — that you can utilize to give you some extra income.

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There are many side hustles that take a little bit of time and effort to set up, but once you’ve done it, they can become lucrative, sustained sources of income — that can augment your cashflow on a regular basis.

If you want to explore some of these more long term side hustles, you can check out my article on the 5 Realistic Side Hustles You Can Do Even If You Work A 9–5 Job.

But sometimes you just need a small amount of quick cash for something immediate — and that’s where these next 5 side hustles come into play.

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Especially if you are in college, these might be the best side hustles for college students — trying to make a little bit of extra cash in between classes.

But one thing to note, these methods are quick and fairly easy to do, and they pay out as fast as weekly, but they might not bring you huge amount of additional income.

If you’re ok with this trade off — and are looking for side hustles that fit these parameters, then pay attention to these 5 that I have for you in this post.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

The first is Branded Surveys.

This is a survey company where you simply register an account and take random surveys pertaining to different products or brands.



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