5 Important Things I Learned About My Tesla Model Y

After 5 Months Of Ownership

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10 min readMar 3, 2021


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I’ve been driving my 2020 Tesla Model Y for 5 months now — and I still absolutely love this car.

I love the instant torque, the fact that it’s all electric and every time I engage in autopilot, it still brings a smile to my face.

And in the course of driving my Model Y for these past 5 month, I discovered these 5 things that were surprising to me — things I wish I had known earlier.

Now, these aren’t necessarily good or bad things — they are just surprising things that I didn’t know about, until I experienced them within the last few months.

So here are the 5 important things I’ve learned after driving my Tesla Model Y, for 5 months.

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1) Supercharger Etiquette

So jumping right into it, the 1st important thing I’ve learn in my 5 months of driving my Tesla Model Y, is Super Charger Etiquette.

Credit: Tesla.com

Supercharging is amazing and thanks to Tesla’s vast supercharger network, if you live in a major city, chances are, you are always within about 25 miles of one of these stations.

But if you mostly charge at home and don’t frequently visit these stations, you might not know that there is an implicit etiquette here, that is followed by your fellow Tesla owners.

No Parking Next To A Charging Tesla

The first of these etiquette rules is that, if possible, try not to park in a stall that is directly next to an already charging Tesla vehicle.

The origin of this rule came from back in the day, when V2 superchargers were first being rolled out. If you were to pull into one of these V2 superchargers, you would notice that the stalls there would always be paired —…



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